What is BITSUME exactly?


BI- 美 TSUME-爪 

Bitume means beautiful nails in Japanese. This term has been becoming popular in the Japanese nail industry over the last few years. The meaning of BITSUME not only applies to elegant nail polish, color and nail art, but it also refers to healthy and strong natural nails with long nail beds.

Many people have problems related to the overall health of their nails after several regular manicures. Nails can often become too short, too weak, and too brittle. Some clients even request gel manicures only as a means to hide the embarrassing condition of their natural nails. With BITSUME treatment, it is possible to strengthen and change your nails. There is no reason to be embarrassed about your nails ever again.

A BITSUME Gel Manicure uses special application and removal techniques (read about Non-Acetone Removal) which puts the health of your nails first. We apply the gel in a unique, delicate way, and we actively avoid products and methods which might cause damage to your nails. Please keep in mind that this service does take more time than a standard manicure, but a BITSUME Gel Manicure is sure to promote growth and can maintain the health of your nails for a far longer time.

Because this process requires careful attention and patience, BITSUME Gel Manicures are reserved for clients who promise to follow our nail care advice and commit to appointments at our salon on a regular basis. It takes time to see the beautiful results of this special process, but you are guaranteed to be satisfied in the end.

If you want to learn more about BITSUME, feel free to email us with any questions.